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Ei Earrings

$50.00 USD

  • Image of Ei Earrings
  • Image of Ei Earrings

The Ei Earrings are some of my favourites of the Phoenix Collection. The collection is a meditation on the cycle of life. As the winter closes in on us here in the Northern Hemisphere, we naturally withdraw and find more time to ourselves to contemplate the mysteries of life and death.⠀

These shapes are structured to flow and echo the curves of the body, to bring a sense of balance and calm to the mind. ⠀

Rebirth from the fires can mean many things these days, and this collection attempts to capture that, too.⠀

Materials: sterling silver
Dimensions: 45mm x 12mm (1.75" x 5/8")

All earrings can be patinaed to make them darker and more dramatic if you prefer. Please add this to your order notes. The default is bright silver as pictured.

** If you require more images to make your decision, we are happy to help. Just send us an email with your request.

Image of Birch Leaf Pendant
Birch Leaf Pendant
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Image of Scythe Earrings
Scythe Earrings
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Image of Minoan Snake Charmer Pendant
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Minoan Snake Charmer Pendant
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Image of Lali Earrings
Lali Earrings
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Image of Scarlet and Black Earrings
Scarlet and Black Earrings
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Image of Gift Certificate ~ Various denominations
Gift Certificate ~ Various denominations
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Sequoia Earrings
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Mini Hive Earrings
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Blade Earrings
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Handmade Kyphi Incense
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