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Secret-Keeper Pendant

$100.00 USD

  • Image of Secret-Keeper Pendant
  • Image of Secret-Keeper Pendant
  • Image of Secret-Keeper Pendant
  • Image of Secret-Keeper Pendant
  • Image of Secret-Keeper Pendant

All jewellery should have a secret. This vessel is made for carrying yours.
The design is a modern take on the poison rings of antiquity, most isn't a ring at all!

Poison rings have a long history, which has been traced back to ancient India. Aside from being used to hold a small dose of lethal arsenic, over the centuries these items of jewellery could be used to carry saints' relics, a lock of hair from a beloved, a message, or any other tiny items that might benefit the wearer in some way.

This pendant has a relatively good sized compartment space, making it perfect for holding herbs, tiny crystals, and other mementos of your choice. Or, if you are feeling fey, it can hold a tiny bouquet of flowers.

Materials: sterling silver with brass accent
Pendant: 58 mm x 9mm
Chain: 20"

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