Jewellery Care

Caring for your new jewellery is easy. Silver is a high-tarnish metal and there are a few things you can do to keep it looking its best.

Exposure to oxygen and/or sulphur will cause it to take on some discolouration.

Try the following to fend off the tarnish in your jewellery box:

~Place sterling pieces in their own airtight bags. 

~Store in a cool, dry place. Save those little silica pouches from your bottle of aspirins or herbal remedies and pop them into each bag to absorb humidity.

When wearing your sterling jewellery, remember these tips:

~Avoid bathing while wearing your jewellery.

~Don't wear silver while using household cleaning chemicals.

~Put on your jewellery as the last thing you do when getting ready for your day ~ after cleansing/showering, lotions, soaps, make-up and especially perfume.

~Do not spray your silver with perfume.

~Don't swim with your jewellery on - chlorine will damage it.

Cleaning your tarnished pieces is simple. A gentle silver polishing cloth is widely available and highly recommended. Always polish with the grain of the metal, not in circles.  Polish your jewellery before it becomes too tarnished. Keeping on top of it will make a big difference.