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Lali Earrings

$85.00 USD

  • Image of Lali Earrings
  • Image of Lali Earrings
  • Image of Lali Earrings
  • Image of Lali Earrings
  • Image of Lali Earrings

Sweet, bright, colourful, infinitely wearable dangle earrings with a pop of colour.

The colour you see is enamel that has been added in powder form slowly to the round opening in the silver in a time-consuming and delicate process first developed in the 6th century during the Byzantine period. The process is a dying art, mostly due to the amount of time and patience it takes to build up the enamels. This is a true labour of love.

Materials: fine silver, sterling silver, enamel
Dimensions: 13mm diameter (1/2" dia.) total length approx 25mm (1")

Pictured colours are: Nitric Blue, Peacock Green, Sunset orange, sunset pink, ocean, and Turquoise. When others are available, I will have a colour swatch image added to help you choose.

Made to order items have a 2 week turn around.

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