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The Collector Necklace

$395.00 USD

  • Image of The Collector Necklace
  • Image of The Collector Necklace
  • Image of The Collector Necklace
  • Image of The Collector Necklace
  • Image of The Collector Necklace

My grandmother told me once about the time when, as a girl in Ireland, she saw one of the fair folk. He wore bits and scraps of leather, with feathers, moss and lichens as his jewels. 🍃

I learned a tiny bit of Irish fairy lore from my grandmother. My first lesson was that if you see a fairy, never, ever acknowledge that you have done so. To let the fairy know that you have seen it is to risk being hurt, maimed, or even taken away to the realm of the fairies. Fairies collect things, including people. 🍃

This necklace represents a collection of things a fairy might keep on their person. A loop of sterling holds a cascade of silver and brass leaves.

The Collector Necklace is part of a series of pieces dedicated to recreating fairy jewels for the rest of us. 🍃

Sterling and Argentium (finer than sterling) silver, and brass. 🍃
The true magic of handmade jewellery is that each piece is loved before it is created.

Materials: forged sterling silver, Argentium silver and brass leaves
Pendant: 19.5 x 7 cm (approx 7.5" x 2 3/4")
Chain: adjustable 56cm / 50 cm (22"/20")

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